Hill’s Seafood Co.

When in Rockland, do as the tourists do – eat seafood from all the restaurants on Main Street! (Or, at the very least, eat all the lobsters.)

After we checked into the Rockland Harbor Hotel, our first order of business was to take a nap. A 3 hour turned 4.5 hour drive is quite an exhausting endeavor.

We awoke from our slumber around 7PM, hungry again and a little concerned that the local eats would close before we could find dinner. (Hangry is not a good look for anyone.) The front desk recommended Hill’s Seafood Co., so we made a reservation for 8PM.

45 minutes later, we were out the door and hiking up Main Street. Since the summer season wasn’t in full swing, all was quiet in the neighborhood. We arrived at Hill’s ten minutes later and were promptly seated by the window. Had it not been so cold that day, we would have opted to sit outside. Still, we had a nice view of the harbor from our table.

Hill's Seafood Co Logo
Pre-summer view of Hill’s & the harbor

First order of business now that we were seated – drinks! Cocktails were the evening’s theme; our Dark and Stormy and Cosmopolitan arrived a minute after we ordered. They didn’t skimp on the spirits, that’s for sure!

Libations at Hill's Seafood Co
Dark & Stormy and Cosmopolitan

We continued with our lobster theme for dinner, and ordered the Simple Triple Lobster entree with a side of cole slaw and fries. At market price, the steamed lobsters were $20 each, but for how infrequently we eat them, it was well worth the price. Drawn butter was served for our dipping pleasure. These bad boys were steamed perfectly, and the fries were a nice change in texture to go with the tender meat.

Note the smiling man in the green polo shirt photobombing us; that’s Bill from Cape Cod. We chatted him and his friends up and learned that they were starting their summer vacation early, spending a few weeks in Maine before heading up to Canada. Oh, to be retired!

When we come back, we’ll be trying the Fried Lobster and Lobster Mac ‘N Cheese. And maybe the Fisherman’s Platter. Definitely planning to “see food” and eat it!

Hill’s Seafood Co. Restaurant & Bar
266 Main Street
Rockland, ME 04841
(207) 593-8400

Author: Wei

Foodie, traveler, athlete, dog mom. A unique blend of East meets West.

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