The Seafood Shanty

It’s nothing short of a miracle when you make it down to Cape Cod in less than three hours on a Friday in the summer. So when we beat the traffic and got down within an hour and a half, we celebrated with lunch in Buzzards Bay at The Seafood Shanty.

Located near the Sagamore bridge crossing, the Shanty advertises itself quite well with large signage hawking lobster rolls and fried clams (which, coincidentally, were what we ended up ordering … or not so coincidentally, which means their simple marketing appealed to our hunger!).

Landscaping by The Shanty
Landscaping by The Shanty

We rolled up around 2:30 and saw plenty of open picnic tables. Our friend Steve was already seated, enjoying his fried scallops (a generous portion priced at $21.95).

Seafood Shanty storefront with A and T

Even celebrities make their way down here for a good meal!

Plaques of famous visitors at The Seafood Shanty
We saw that Julian Edelman visited The Seafood Shanty back in 2014

Look at these gorgeous plates of clams (whole bellies at $23.95 and strips at $13.95)! The batter was light and flavorful, the seafood crispy and cooked to perfection. Each fried plate came with two tartar sauce containers, cole slaw, and fries. Travis got a side of drawn butter with his loaded lobster roll – well worth the $23.95.

Fried whole bellied clams
The Seafood Shanty lobster roll
Loaded lobster roll with fries
Crispy fried clam strips

The plates are so delicious that even the crows and other small birds can’t keep themselves away. We caught a crow picking its way through leftover fries in the nearby garbage can. It caught me staring and flew off without a treat …

After devouring the plates and subsequently feeling lethargic, we tossed a football around in the parking lot before heading to our Airbnb. The Seafood Shanty was well worth the visit if you take this route to the Cape.

Finally heading over the Sagamore Bridge

And away we go for the weekend!

The Seafood Shanty
(508) 888-0400
803 Scenic Hwy
Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

Author: Wei

Foodie, traveler, athlete, dog mom. A unique blend of East meets West.

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