Some of the most succulent lobster meat can be found in the claws. And some of the best meat can be found at Rockland’s (arguably) most famous lobster eatery.

It might be touristy to search for a lobster roll the minute we cross into Maine, but it was also past our lunchtime. Since Claws had rave reviews from our friends, we made it our first stop.

Claws storefront
Claws storefront

Even though we knew what we wanted to order, we perused the menu at our leisure, having beat the lunch rush with our mid-afternoon arrival. Our cashier kindly took our order and gave us a lobster placeholder.

Lobster placeholder
This guy tried to escape …

Settling on Rockland’s “Finest Kind” lobster rolls, Travis ordered the “Flatlandah” (buttered) and I ordered mine with the standard touch of mayo, both with a side of corn. We also shared an iced tea to wash it all down.

Tender, flavorful lobster meat was overflowing from a lightly toasted New England roll. There was a healthy chunk of lobster in every bite. The sweet corn was a nice follow up to the rolls. Now this is how I’d like to start every summer!

We proceeded to devour the rolls in 10 minutes (Travis inhaled his in 5) as we enjoyed the view.

The view from our seating at Claws

Eating that quickly meant some clean up was needed. The cashier mentioned that the restroom was well-stocked, but nothing could have prepared me for the set up. I couldn’t help taking some photos; there were all sorts of toiletries for guests – flowers, mouthwash, and even antacid tablets!

Kids’ art in the Claws restroom
Lobster comic wall
Flossers and mouthwash (amongst other things) to clean up after devouring lobster

Before we left, we took advantage of the many photo opps available around the restaurant.

Human-sized lobster trap that caught me at Claws
My turn to conquer the giant lobster
Master lobster rider

Next time we visit, I plan on trying the Claws Lobster Burger and Lulu’s Lobster Bisque. YUM!

Claws: Rockland’s Lobster Eatery
743 Main Street
Rockland, ME 04841
(207) 596-5600

Author: Wei

Foodie, traveler, athlete, dog mom. A unique blend of East meets West.

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