Nevada | Las Vegas

Indulgence. Decadence. Entertainment. Debauchery. Welcome to Sin City.

I spent a week in mid-June with my good friends Catalina and Steffy, eating and drinking our way down the South Side of the Strip. All told, we walked 30+ miles from arrival to departure (Sat-Fri), wined and dined at 10+ happy hours and restaurants, enjoyed an invitation-only cover band and beach party, saw a glimpse of Cirque du Soleil talent at an exclusive nightclub, and swam in buckets of beer/wine/spirits. Now I need a vacation from my vacation!

Here are a few glimpses of our traipsing around during this smoldering week (with temperatures soaring to 100+ degrees most days):

If the shoe fits, then jump into it!

Found a shoe that fits in The Cosmopolitan

Feelin’ like royalty underneath this chandelier

Got distracted by sparkly things as we ascended the stairs in The Cosmopolitan

Forum “bath” pools at Caesars Palace

Pretended we were Romans at the baths in Caesars Palace

Opera shows on the half hour at The Venetian

Enjoyed a live opera show at The Venetian

Aureole’s wine tower – where the wine angel retrieves your wine selection

Had a tasting of Mandalay Bay’s restaurant row and got a demo from Aureole’s wine angel

Live cover band Phoenix performing at Mandalay Bay’s Mizuya Lounge

Requested Phoenix to cover songs by Tool and Nine Inch Nails at Mandalay Bay’s Mizuya Lounge

Hangin’ with our octopus buddy at Shark Reef

Observed the marine life at The Shark Reef Aquarium (and got indirectly called out by one of the aquarium workers for eating endangered animals because of our cultural background)

Flavorful bone marrow appetizer at Stripsteak

Ate a plethora of delicious meals, including this bone marrow from Stripsteak

Poolside in 110 degree weather at Mandalay Bay

Relaxed by bodies of water in the mornings

Found us a speakeasy to enjoy cigars and whisky

Learned that Prohibition ended and personal barrels of whisky could be purchased online at 1923

Building the Jenga tower at BeerHaus

Took some reprieve from the heat at BeerHaus

Of course, leaving Vegas is never easy, especially when redeye flights home are the norm. While that was a saga in itself, I’m glad to have spent the time I did with my two favorite travel friends in a place where adults can play.

Here’s the full itinerary of our vacation:

Saturday, June 10

  • Check in at Mandalay Bay
  • Late dinner at The Noodle Shop

Sunday, June 11

Explored the South Side of the Strip (and walked about 9 miles in the process):

  • Brunch at Border Grill in Caesars Forum Shops
  • Dinner at Mercato Della Pescheria at The Venetian

Monday, June 12

  • Grabbed ourselves some adult beverages at The Big Chill in Excalibur for breakfast
  • Lunch at Momofuku in The Cosmopolitan
  • Dinner and drinks on Mandalay Bay’s restaurant row at Kumi, Libertine Social, Aureole, and Fleur by Hubert Keller
  • Watched the cover band Phoenix at Mizuya Lounge until the wee hours of the morning

Tuesday, June 13

  • Breakfast at Sea Breeze Cafe
  • Lunch at Citizens Kitchen & Bar
  • Happy hour at House of Blues and the Boiler Room
  • Dinner at Excalibur’s Camelot

Wednesday, June 14

  • Brunch at Delano’s Della’s Kitchen
  • Explored Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef
  • More happy hour / dinner at the House of Blues, Red Square, Wolfgang Puck’s Lupo, and Stripsteak
  • Exclusive beach party at Mandalay Bay

Thursday, June 15

  • Light breakfast from the Sea Breeze Cafe
  • Explored Luxor and Excalibur (and gambled for a bit)
  • Happy hour at StripSteak
  • Exclusive club night at Club Light
  • After party cigars and whisky at 1923

Friday, June 16

  • Last breakfast at Mandalay’s conference center and check out
  • Lunch at Tom Urban’s
  • Snack time and beers at BeerHaus (along with Connect Four and Jenga)
  • Dinner at Four Seasons bar

We scrambled for the plane home at 8:45PM after a cancellation and multiple delay notices (flight “un-delayed”, to depart at 10:45PM). I then proceeded to sleep for a day.

Til next time!

Author: Wei

Foodie, traveler, athlete, dog mom. A unique blend of East meets West.

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