Día de los Muertos

Happy Halloween!

Earlier this month, a group of friends got together for a Día de los Muertos potluck dinner, organized by the fabulous Catalina of Champagne & Confetti and hosted at the Morins’ home. (Visit Catalina’s webpage for a detailed description of the evening, and to plan your next event with her.) I love her creative take and style for the holiday:

02a CI Close Up

The six of us met up at Casa de Morin on the evening of October 14th for adult beverages; delicious home cooked, Mexican inspired food; and, of course, dress up fun. We ate, we laughed, we drank, and we laughed some more into the late of the night. The conversations started getting weird after 10PM, partially due to wine and partially due to exhaustion. Ah, to be young again!

Naturally, we cook more than we can reasonably eat in one sitting, so leftovers were abundant. Click on the link below for the PDF to our menu for the evening:

Dia de los Muertos Menu_2017

I offered to prepare a couple of desserts on behalf of and I, deciding on sopapilla cheesecake pie and caramel flan. I’ve never made either dessert before, but thankfully, the Internet and its vast resources saved me.

For the sopapilla cheesecake pie, I followed Pillbury’s recipe, substituting the use of a mixer with our Blendtec blender. Our oven runs hot, so we were able to get the right consistency at 325° vs. the recommended 350°F. I had to bake the flan at the same time, so we killed two birds with one stone.

03d Sopapilla

And for the caramel flan, I found the recipe on Serious Eats. To achieve a thicker consistency, I opted for 5 eggs instead of 3. I was seriously impressed with how the caramel topping turned out, and equally as impressed with how easy it was to prepare.

03c Flan

The Morins’ home decor was on point, ghoulish and garish with a side of flair. Skull candles, snakes crawling out of skulls, skulls in a jar, skull wine glasses, skull flower pots – you name it, there was a skull for it!

How did you spend your Día de los Muertos?

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