North Sea Fish Restaurant

Nine months into the year, Travis and I finally embark on our overseas vacation together, where neither of us are overly consumed by work. On top of this trip, we are celebrating Traviss successful belt test – he is finally on his way to becoming a master judoka!

We landed in London about 5 hours ago, with a 50 minute trip from LHR to our hotel, the Pullman St. Pancras. Our driver, Jatlin of Blacklane, provided some good conversation as we traversed the A40 to the hotel.

As we discussed our stay for the next few days with our concierge, Tim, we learned that the go-to for the best fish and chips in this part of town is the North Sea Fish Restaurant. After dropping off our bags and freshening up, we strolled five minutes up the road and smelled the North Sea before actually seeing it.

This 40-year-old family-owned restaurant seats at least 20 guests at the front of the store, with bar stools and standing room at the bar towards the rear of the guest area. We were immediately seated at a booth on the left side of the room and handed dining and drink menus to peruse.

Travis and I ordered a pint of pilsner beer each, and selected our fish choice for Fish and Chips. He settled on the Jumbo Cod Fillet and I on the Medium Rock Salmon, both with chips instead of new potatoes (the “healthier” option, according to our waitress). She also informed us that there were free refills of chips. Little did we know how large the portion sizes would be until we were served.

While we waited, we learned a bit about our fish in the food chain on the “Fish for Thought” placemats.

And now, our calorie intake for the day has been fulfilled!

We didn’t expect an extra large container of ketchup and tartare sauce to be served along with the meal. In the States, it’s usually a measly sized container that requires at least two refills in order to finish the fried seafood.

I keep salivating every time I look at the beautifully fried rock salmon. Add some vinegar and tartar sauce and now you’ve got a heavenly bite!

Tender Rock Salmon Fish & Chips
Tender Rock Salmon Fish & Chips

Feeling ambitious? Order the Jumbo size!

We needed another round of beer to down the rest of the chips … maybe it was a bit too many carbs, but hey, this is only our second meal today.

The Jumbo and Medium sized fish and chips set us back £16.95 and £12.95, respectively, and each pint of beer was £4.95. With a service charge already added to the cost of food, we left £55 and called it a night.

Onto the next food adventure. Cheers!

North Sea Fish Restaurant
7/8 Leigh Street
+44 207 387 5892

Author: Wei

Foodie, traveler, athlete, dog mom. A unique blend of East meets West.

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